What is an equitable tourism?

Equitable and solidarity tourism is defined by tourism values which put the human being at the heart of the journey and which are a clear indication of a will to develop territories.
The involvement of local populations in the different phases of the project, respecting the human beings, their culture, nature and a more equitable distribution of all resources generated, are the foundation of this type of tourism.
This definition has been put together by a pilot committee made of the UNAT, equitable tourism associations and their partners. 

What is a solidarity economy ?

It is a practice which gathers thousands of private initiatives and companies, public or mix companies, to produce, employ, save, finance and make decisions in a non conventional manner. Solidarity companies have to compete on the market, as do the others, so they have to be competitive. They propose and carry out collective services to make living together easier.

The equitable trade and solidarity agriculture want to support small producers of the third world. The cooperative system suggests new distribution modes. The solidarity finance, coming from the mutual insurance system, can also bne found in the microcredit or the micro finance.